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Open House Principal Notice

By August 14, 2017Newsletter

TO :  ALL Main Contacts

Our Open House is this week and  is shaping up as another Premier event coordinated by your association Board of Directors.  We look forward to meeting with many of you.

Recently Aviva Insurance has made an announcement that the IBAO made a statement of suspending their sponsorship opportunities while keeping the lines of communication open .

We, as your board of directors, have followed the line the I B A O has establish in this matter. The purpose of this email is to make your office aware that Aviva will have a booth at our Open House this week.

The directive from Colin Simpson and Brett Boadway at the I B A O is that they have on going communications regarding this issue .

I hope you will be able to join us this week and experience a great local insurance event.

Sincerely ,

Brian Erwin


Ottawa  Insurance  Brokers  Association

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